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What We Do

Effective removal of unwanted body hair the natural, safe, and comfortable way are what we’re all about at Brazilian Sugar Waxing. If you’re tired of the unsightly hair and stubble that appears on all parts of your body that just won’t seem to go away, the premier solution to all of your worries is as close by as our innovative waxing salon. We specialize in sugaring (cold waxing) which is all-natural, made from sugar, honey and lemon which exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. The result is an ultra-smooth touch with no burning from hot wax or abrasions from hard wax.



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Body Facials

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We specialize in only full body sugaring, and we love doing it!
7 Day Touch-Up Period

We admit sometimes we may miss a spot, so schedule a no-cost touch up within 7 days of your service.

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Compared to a lot of competition, our prices are set to satisfy. Ask about our monthly membership!

Men Welcome

We are one of the few waxing salons that will service male clientele.


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